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Movies for foodies

Well, people don’t get it, but foodies do enjoy food movie. There is a connection between your passion for food and the screen. Food porn.. is what kids call it these days. I have enjoyed the following movie food movies: Julia and Julia Meryl Streep and Amy Adams starring this fabulous movie about a famous chef… Continue reading Movies for foodies

Bangalore · Fine Dine · Punjabi

Punjabi By Nature, Koramangla

I was very excited for this food and wine pairing event for Food Bloggers Association, Bangalore. Venue being Punjabi By Nature was obviously a plus because of their reputation of fabulous Punjabi food. The group received a warm welcome from the hosts and a beautiful ambiance just set the mood for the party. Very classy… Continue reading Punjabi By Nature, Koramangla

Bangalore · Fine Dine · Punjabi

Punjab Grill

 I recently moved to Bangalore, and the first thing I wanted to look for is a good Punjabi restaurant. Punjab Grill’s name came up several times and my visit was long due. It is hard to miss Punjab Grill if you happen to be passing by. The restaurant stands gloriously in one of the most… Continue reading Punjab Grill