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Go Cheese tasting with Chef Ranveer Brar

Like every foodie, I understand the importance of cheese, and like every other fat person, I just love cheese. There is just so much variety and story to every kind of cheese. Makes me want to explore more about it. Yes, it’s on my “to-do” list. The variety of cheese in India is not so… Continue reading Go Cheese tasting with Chef Ranveer Brar

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Flechazo- love at first site

Wow!! is what I said when I entered this restaurant.! So vibrant! Rightly called Flechazo. Flechazo is a Spanish word for “love at first sight”, so it was here. On the main road in Marathalli, Flechazo is an awesome buffet place, right what you need for a good meal especially for group outings and team outings.… Continue reading Flechazo- love at first site

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The Chug Garage Bar

Bangalore has ample amount of Themed pubs and cafes. I love that about this city, every other cafe has something new to offer. One interesting addition to the family is, the Chug garage bar and this one are for bikers especially. Completely surrounded by biker artefacts as decorative, this pub has amazing garage bar type… Continue reading The Chug Garage Bar

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One box desi meals @Box8

I love ordering in as much as I love going out. Obviously, I have a good time outside on a beautiful evening, in good ambience and the freshness of conversation with people. But sitting in bed, having food delivered while binge watching TV series is not bad either. After all, my house is pretty too.… Continue reading One box desi meals @Box8

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Smoky Grilled KFC Chicken

First of all, apologies, this article doesn’t have much for vegetarians, as the title might have suggested unless you are open to trying chicken, which is completely up to your beliefs, no pressure! My first memories of KFC is when I first started eating chicken. I was a vegetarian till about four years back, by choice of… Continue reading Smoky Grilled KFC Chicken