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Potful of biryani

I was utterly delighted by Potful when I ordered biryani from them while hosting some guests over. To set context why I absolutely loved it, you need to understand something. Typically when preparing certain types of biryani (including and mainly kacchi biryani), the pot is filled with layers of meat and rice. It is then sealed… Continue reading Potful of biryani

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A quick service restaurant with economical and delicious food. Chefactory is a quick service restaurant of Indian cuisine. They provide home delivery service as well. The outlet is pretty small and very bright. They have an excellent packaging for home delivery service with colour coded boxes for vegetarian and non-vegetarian.     Appetizers  .  Amongst starters,… Continue reading Chefactory

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New flavours in this Kopper Kadai

Kopper Kadhai is one of the best fine-dine restaurants in Koramangala. I have been here on multiple occasions and I have always been a fan of ambience, presentations and food here. A conception of celebrity Chef Akshay Nayyar, Kopper Kadai had probably one of the fanciest food presentations in Bangalore. Kopper Kadai has a wonderful ambience.… Continue reading New flavours in this Kopper Kadai

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Flechazo- love at first site

Wow!! is what I said when I entered this restaurant.! So vibrant! Rightly called Flechazo. Flechazo is a Spanish word for “love at first sight”, so it was here. On the main road in Marathalli, Flechazo is an awesome buffet place, right what you need for a good meal especially for group outings and team outings.… Continue reading Flechazo- love at first site

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One box desi meals @Box8

I love ordering in as much as I love going out. Obviously, I have a good time outside on a beautiful evening, in good ambience and the freshness of conversation with people. But sitting in bed, having food delivered while binge watching TV series is not bad either. After all, my house is pretty too.… Continue reading One box desi meals @Box8

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Gundappa Donne Biryani

If you have been to Bangalore, you have probably heard of something called Donne Biryani. For those who are wondering what Donne is, it’s a large eco-friendly cup made of Palm or Papaya leaves. So Donne biryani in translation is biryani traditionally prepared, these days served in Donne. Unlike other popular biryanis, Donne biryani is not… Continue reading Gundappa Donne Biryani