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Banh Mi & Wok

Vietnamese, Chinese, Thai, Indonesian and Malaysian food have a party every day. The venue is Banh Mi & Wok in Indiranagar. Banh Mi is the Vietnamese word for bread and wok is a vessel used primarily in Chinese cooking. Ambience It’s a very small outlet next to Toit. The logo on the green wall and cute… Continue reading Banh Mi & Wok

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Fresh Pressery Cafe

Healthy and taste can go hand in hand! I have never been pro healthy food. Primarily because I never thought that healthy food can be tasty as well. In my opinion, the taste was always a compromise for healthy food. But I was so happy to be proved wrong on my visit to Fresh pressery cafe… Continue reading Fresh Pressery Cafe

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Let’s Iceperiment

I was a geeky kid in school and I loved the chemistry lab! As I outgrew it, food became my one true love. But my recent trip to iceperiment, took me back to the chemistry lab, with the little test tubes and beakers and ice cream being freshly made with the help of liquid Nitrogen.… Continue reading Let’s Iceperiment

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Mojo of MomoJojo

I’m a Delhi girl and strictly stereotypically speaking, I love momos. I have tried a lot of momos everywhere and this new outlet in Bangalore amazed me so much. Now, I would request non-vegetarians to give this only vegetarian outlet a chance before dismissing it. Trust me. With just vegetarian options, Momo Jojo serves about 64 types of… Continue reading Mojo of MomoJojo

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Smoky Grilled KFC Chicken

First of all, apologies, this article doesn’t have much for vegetarians, as the title might have suggested unless you are open to trying chicken, which is completely up to your beliefs, no pressure! My first memories of KFC is when I first started eating chicken. I was a vegetarian till about four years back, by choice of… Continue reading Smoky Grilled KFC Chicken

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Truffles cafe is unquestionably one of the most famous cafes of Bangalore, especially for visitors. Even my friends visiting from Hyderabad or Pune have heard so much of its reputation, that they want to have a meal there to check it out while in Bangalore. The reason behind this is probably good food in relatively… Continue reading Truffles

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Frites Corner

 A trip to Auroville is one of the most peaceful, relaxing vacations to have. It has suddenly become one of my most favourite places. To avoid the tourist rush, we reached here quite early in the day, and after a soul searching experience, as we were starving, we kept an eye out for a place… Continue reading Frites Corner